April 2024


Key Biscayne

🚣‍♂️ Get ready to witness the spirit of adventure and environmental dedication! The Dare to Act team, set to row the Atlantic on their R25 boat, is inviting everyone to join in for a special event. As they gear up for their epic transatlantic journey, they're initiating a fundraising row around Key Biscayne.

Dare To Act Future Atlantic Rowers!

While they navigate on their R25, the same vessel they'll take across the Atlantic, you're encouraged to hop on board your own vessels and follow suit! This inclusive event welcomes all enthusiasts, aiming to spread awareness and gather support for ocean conservation. Row alongside or sail in your vessels to champion this cause. It's an incredible opportunity to witness the dedication of the Dare to Act team and contribute to the removal of plastic from our oceans. Let's rally together for a cleaner, healthier marine environment! 🌊🌟

Let this event be a beacon of unity and purpose, where our collective efforts amplify the call for sustainable oceans. As we row around Key Biscayne, each stroke echoes our commitment to rid the seas of plastic pollution. The Dare to Act team's resilience symbolizes the power of determination in tackling environmental challenges.

Join us in this transformative experience, whether rowing alongside or sailing in support. Every ripple we create during this event resonates with a resounding message: together, we can make a monumental difference in safeguarding our oceans. Let's propel this initiative forward and pave the way for a cleaner, healthier marine world for generations to come! 🌊🌍♻️

R25 Boat in action