December 2024


Atlantic Ocean

The Dare To Row Atlantic Challenge: A Journey for Ocean Protection

Join Maurizio and Tobias as they embark on a daring adventure—rowing across the Atlantic to champion the cause of ocean protection. As co-founders of Dare To Act Inc., a Florida-based 501c3 nonprofit, Maurizio and Tobias are passionate about catalyzing positive change for aquatic environments.

Their upcoming challenge, "Dare To Row," spans 3,000 miles over two months, starting in Spain and concluding in the Caribbean. Their mission is twofold: to accomplish this monumental feat while raising crucial funds for ocean conservation. For every dollar raised, they aim to remove 1 kilogram of plastic from the depths of our oceans.

Driven by a shared commitment to the oceans and a desire to inspire global action, Maurizio and Tobias are leveraging this extreme endurance event to generate awareness and support for the urgent need to protect our marine ecosystems.

Support their journey and be a part of this meaningful cause—where every stroke they take brings us closer to cleaner, healthier oceans for generations to come.